2 results for day: 31/03/2013

Co-Ed Cops 259, Tent City Terrors 152

What's the best way to prepare for WFTDA tournament season? By taking on a co-ed team of the biggest, baddest skaters in Arizona. The AZRD Tent City Terrors lost in an exhibition game to the Co-Ed Cops, 259-152, on Saturday in Phoenix. But the lessons learned will linger longer than the result, although they may have to deal with the absence of a top jammer. ... More

Brawlarinas 146, H.A.R.D. Dark Sky Starlets 146 (tie)

The month of March often sees its share of comebacks and crazy finishes, but usually that action is reserved for basketball. Roller derby decided to bring its own madness Saturday in Phoenix, as the bout between the AZRD Brawlarinas and the High Altitude Roller Derby Dark Sky Starlets ended in a 146-146 tie. ... More