2 results for day: 27/04/2013

TRD Copper Queens 194, Surly Gurlies 115

The Tucson Roller Derby Copper Queens got the best of the AZRD Surly Gurlies, 194-115, on Saturday night in Phoenix. The bout was an Arizona State Roller Derby Conference matchup. The Surlies had a new look: three new pirates aboard the ship, one returning from shore leave and another on the plank -- uh, bench -- due to injury. ... More

HARD Dark Sky Starlets 257, Bruisers 129

There are a few things you get to do once you turn 18: buy lottery tickets and cigarettes, register to vote. And score your first points as a member of Arizona Roller Derby. After two years with the Phoenix Derby Brats junior team, La Sauvage scored a total of five points in her first game with the Bruisers. It marks the first time a Brats graduate has played in an AZRD bout. The Bruisers lost, 257-129, to the Dark Sky Starlets of High Altitude Roller Derby of Flagstaff on Saturday. ... More