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Featured Skater – August 2014: The Prim Reaper #27

The beautiful and wickedly smart Prim Reaper of the Surly Gurlies is our August Skater of the Month. Bet you didn't know she had so much rad geek cred. Check her out below!
The Prim Reaper

Explain the inspiration/story behind your name.

My derby name came to me in the place where I have a tendency to do some of my best thinking. In the shower. At the time, I wasn't even brainstorming potential derby names. The name simply came to me in a flicker of a thought, and I immediately fell in love. The Prim Reaper. I felt like it embodied everything I wanted to become on the track—a skater who may appear prim and proper on the surface, but as soon as that jam whistle blows I’ll be poised and ready to bring my opponents to their demise. I also love that the name pays a bit of tribute to my undying love of all things macabre. It really is a perfect fit.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

During my first year of derby, my pre-bout ritual usually just involved me getting insanely nervous. Over time, I've managed to tailor a routine that helps me maintain a more zen state of mind, and gives me a healthy start to the day, both mentally and physically. The morning always starts with a protein-packed breakfast, a light workout to wake my muscles, and a lot of focus on positive visualizations. Then I take my time to get ready, usually with my favorite music blaring in the background. Music always plays a role in calming my nerves and getting me into the right mindset for a bout. Anything and everything metal is my go-to on bout day, because it has a way of speaking to my soul and getting me fired up. Probably the most private detail about my personal pre-bout routine is something I've done just minutes before the starting whistle at every game I've ever played. I always find a quiet place at the bench, usually somewhere that I can get in a few last minute stretches, and I will take a moment to say a prayer for myself, my teammates, and my opponents. It’s my final moment of peace and serenity before a flood of adrenaline takes over my mind and body for the rest of the game. ... More