Recap: October 8th—SRP vs. CQ, Bulls vs. Runners

Arizona Roller Derby's (AZRD) Skate Riot Project (SRP) hosted the Copper Queens of the Tucson Roller Derby in the first bout of a double-header at Ability360 in Phoenix. The Queens toppled SRP 292-106. SRP kept the state-level battle close early before the Queens went on a 26-0 run, holding SRP scoreless in five consecutive jams. Mystery ... More

Recap: September 24th—Gaudys v. Brawlaz, Beaters v. HARD

PHOENIX — Arizona Roller Derby's (AZRD) Gaudylupes and Brawlarinas faced off Saturday at Ability360 in Phoenix. The Gaudys came out on top 222-155. It was their fourth straight win over the Brawlaz in AZRD's 13th season. The Brawlaz came out strong, jumping ahead by 34 points thanks to 24-point jam by Sassy Mean Clawdeen in jam 13. Claw ... More

Recap: July 16th—SRP vs. VICE, Battle of the Alices

It was hot outside in Phoenix on Saturday — but Skate Riot Project (SRP) turned up the heat inside with a big win over Tucson's VICE Squad. SRP beat VICE 323-64 in Arizona Roller Derby's Season 13 July bout at Ability 360. The coppers from the VICE Squad kept pace with SRP early on, when the lead changed three times in the first six ... More

AZRD Tent City Terrors 356, TRD Saddletramps 160

If there is one thing every derby player can agree on, it’s that penalties can, and will, lose a bout for your team. That’s something Tucson Roller Derby’s Saddletramps experienced firsthand Saturday night in their season opener against Arizona Roller Derby’s Tent City Terrors. The TCTs took the win 356–160. The TCTs and Saddle... More

AZRD B-Team 153, EPRD Tex Pistols 131

The law got the best of the outlaws on Saturday as Arizona Roller Derby's composite B-Team defeated the El Paso Roller Derby Tex Pistols, 153-131. The military-themed B-Team was anything but fatigued in the first half, roaring out on a 40-9 run to start the bout, and they had more than doubled the Tex Pistols' score at halftime. AZRD ... More

Bad News Beaters 161, Surly Gurlies 159

And that, folks, is why you never leave a game early. If you had left Saturday's bout between Arizona Roller Derby's Bad News Beaters and Surly Gurlies at halftime, you might have told your friends the result was a routine Beater victory by 50 points. You would have been wrong. ... More

Mansons 152, Monroes 86

When Arizona Roller Derby's city-level skaters took the track Saturday, one team wore classic red lipstick to honor its namesake. The other team wore lipstick, too -- all over their faces. ... More

Bad News Beaters 349, Dirty Verde Roller Derby 88

After a while, you run out of things to say about a team that beats its opponents by a season average of 181 points. "Undefeated," "defensively strong," "offensively explosive" — no words seem to adequately explain the sheer dominance of a team performing at its peak.... More

Gaudylupes 170, Brawlarinas 161

The last time AZRD's Brawlarinas and Gaudylupes met, the result was a one-point Brawla victory that came down to the last jam. That's why Saturday's rematch in Mesa felt so familiar: the Gaudylupes' 170-161 victory came during the very last jam of the bout.... More

Midwest BrewHaHa: Tent City Terrors 284, Brewcity Bruisers 246

The Tent City Terrors picked up their first victory of the season with a 284-246 victory over the Brewcity Bruisers All-Stars at the 2013 Midwest BrewHaHa in Milwaukee. Luz Chaos was named the MVP of the bout by the WFTDA announcing crew. Thanks to for live streaming Sunday’s bout. Watch the replay here: More